The Woman Behind

‘Tanga Tropics’ is an online swimsuit trade brand, created and managed by Viady Melgarejo, an entrepreneur established in the Costa Blanca (Southern Spain) who, seeing the lack of this type of swimsuits in the physical and online market, decided to contact herself with the highest quality thong suppliers and thus supply potential customers. “I have many ideas to innovate in thong design, an excellent type of swimsuit for the torrid tropical summers, to enjoy the heat in sandy beaches and refreshing pools” (Vivian Melgarejo).

Our Vision

Our goal is to supply these beautiful swimsuits to those who, without complexes and showing off their freedom, enjoy wearing as little clothing as possible when they are going to take a bath or tan under the sun. We believe that the human body is beautiful by nature and should not be hidden, rather than to scandalize those who are not accustomed to nudity. Related with this, therefore we are proud to contribute to the normalization of semi-nudity and personal freedom around the world.